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This Month Last Year

Watching Nature
This Month Last Year

Dec. 2010 - Different Views of Winter

The winter snows started in November last year and by December opinions were hardening as the folk of the village tried to get on with their lives. It's a love-hate thing: Those who felt the cold were soon wishing for a thaw, farmers ran out of feed as sheep were struggling to find grass beneath the frozen snow and day after day the roads were treacherous as commuters and couriers battled on.

I could see the hardships facing others but I couldn't help being elated every time I stepped out of the door. The frozen landscape is a truly beautiful spectacle and we had plenty of bright, cold days which brought out the best of the conditions. Familiar landscapes like Dunstanburgh Castle take on a different aspect and even the beach was frozen with the sand forming amazing tiny ice sculptures at the high tide line.

Close to home, icicles caught the sunrise on the gutters of the house while Daisy frolicked through the snow enjoying her first winter with a natural relish.

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