Monday, 24 May 2010

Orkney, May 2010

Orkney is a beautiful place that we have visited several times. It has a history that spans centuries and that history is apparent around every corner.

This collection of photographs takes as its theme the profusion of visible artefacts that lie in the countryside, that sit just off the main streets of the modern towns. Orkney is a contemporary, living, breathing place but these artefacts are a reminder of the fishing, farming, military and social history of the islands. Each item has a story to tell and I hope that thoughts about their human histories can be imagined from these photographs.

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Brooks Williams Band

Back in September I photographed the recording session for Brooks' new album "Baby O" and I was back in Bristol for the launch concert. Brooks is normally a solo performer but the musicians who recorded the album all played together as a one-off for the occasion.

It was a great night as it was obvious all involved were enjoying themselves and that, to me, is what music should be all about.

Left-Right: PJ Wright, Brooks, David Goodier and Keith Warmington