Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Jamie & Annabel

My cousin, his wife and their two beautiful kids came through on Saturday for a session.

Bright as a button, enthusiastic and lively, Jamie and Annabel were a delight to photograph.

Am I biased because they're family? - judge for yourself!


Monday, 7 April 2008

Smiley Boy

Laura was given one of my gift vouchers as a maternity present from her work colleagues.

Nearly a year on and it's time to get the wee one into the studio.

We had great fun as he was so relaxed and easy to photograph. He loved the squeaky bird I use to make kids smile and could do a great impression of the squawking toucan by the end!!


Ella, Lucy and Daisy

Back to the studio for Ella and she introduced me to her wee sisters.

The shot of Ella hiding between her da
d's legs is one of my favourites from the session and it shows the importance of letting the kids do their own thing. It's my job to make sure my lights are set up so they work everywhere in the studio not just in the centre of the backdrop.

Thanks to Wendy for bringing the girls in to the studio. Great Fun.


Friday, 4 April 2008

old friends

I have had sessions the last couple of weeks with Susie and Wendy both of whom have brought their daughters to me before. It's been really nice to see them again a couple of years grown up and, in 1 case with new sisters. It is my biggest regret of the upcoming move that I'll lose contact with some of my clients that I've come to know.

Don't forget that my new studio will only be an hour away and Northumberland's a nice place to visit!