Monday, 22 June 2009

Sara & Graham

This was a unique occasion. Sara and Graham's plans for their wedding were most definitely constructed around their own thoughts and wishes for the day. From my own perspective it was going to involve a lot of on-the-hoof photography so I took the challenge on with only minimal kit and comfortable shoes.

We started at Sara & Graham's flat in Edinburgh where final touches were applied and we first saw Sara's gorgeous dress.

Hazel the Make-Up artist applied some silver dust to the glittering star of the day.

Off down the stairs - Sara had cunningly made a good choice of dress that was easy to get about in.

A last minute visit to the hairdresser's to wind proof the veil...

...followed by a quick trip to the bank. Even brides need cash!

Some interesting pictures around the old town of Edinburgh on the way up to Calton Hill for a few Happy Couple portraits. Very unusual as this was before the wedding ceremony but anything goes today.

The sun was shining when we arrived at the registry office but we were way too early. So we all went across the road for a coffee and a chat. It was raining when we emerged but it didn't dampen the mood and allowed Sara to employ her special umbrella to good effect.

The cermony was the most moving I have attended. Sara and Graham had written their own extra expressions of love which they read to one another and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Back in the sunshine for the walk to the reception venue. Lots of fun en route and grand views as we crossed Edinburgh's North Bridge.

This was a small, intimate wedding with Sara and Graham's closest friends and family in attendance. All weddings are individually tailored to the bride and grooms' taste but this wedding took individuality to the extreme with great results.

Congratulations Sara and Graham and Thanks for making me feel like one of your guests throughout the day.

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Natasha & Owen

Natasha and Owen were married at their own parish church of St Peter's in Edinburgh. There was a lovely atmosphere as their families gathered and friends arrived from Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford and Edinburgh.

The hymns were well chosen and belted out by the congregation. A beautiful church like St Peter's deserves a choir in good voice and it was very impressive to hear.

Natasha smiled her way through the ceremony that was personal and heartfelt.

Natasha smiled her way throughout the whole day now I think about it...

We had a few minutes in the church gardens before the thunder came overhead and we retreated inside for some photos and refreshments.

Helen was a great help to Natasha tying up the train - "it seemed easier in the shop" sums it up! It was worth the effort as it made walking a bit easier for Natasha and the embroidery looked lovely once it was tied up in place.

It's the details that count. Even the details not normally seen!

Quite the cutest and most individualistic bridal shoes I've seen.

The Royal Scot's Club was a very opulent venue and we grabbed a few pictures in the couple's beautiful room.

The stage was set for the rest of the wedding evening when I left and I'm pretty sure that a good time was had by all.

Congratulations to Natasha and Owen. I hope you like these few pictures and I'll post more on my website as soon as I can.

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