Thursday, 27 August 2009

Victoria & Andrew, 24th August 2009

Victoria & Andy had travelled a long way for their wedding at Langley Castle. It's a great venue and their journey was rewarded with a bunch of friends and family ready to enjoy themselves.

It was a big decision whether to have the ceremony outdoors as the forecast wasn't great. The team at Langley Castle watched the skies while Victoria was being pampered upstairs.

Langley Castle is a very historic building and for centuries Ladies have used the light from this window for their make-up application. The lady in the portrait (with the ferret) seems to approve!

Did Victoria choose the dress or did the dress choose Victoria? Apparently not at all like the dress she had planned but it looked absolutely beautiful.

A very thoughtful gift.

I was with the girls for over an hour as they went through their transformations. One of George's spangly things worked loose in her hair but that's what sisters are there for...

...and it was a pretty good result when George and Victoria were ready for action.

Dad was left (almost) speechless. I can't begin to imagine the thoughts and emotions that go through a Dad's mind when he sees his daughter(s) at this point in the day, but I do enjoy being there to photograph it.

And so outside for the ceremony. It rained a little bit on the guests but they soon took shelter under a convenient tree and everything carried on as planned.

Both Mums gave very emotional readings. Andrew's Mum read from this cute little book which was very sweet.

Victoria, Andrew and I found a dry spot under the trees for a few minutes of "formal" photos.

The speeches were at the start of the meal and were great fun. The boys, all gifted, natural speakers, gave great performances and they were well received with the traditional mix of humour, emotion and embarrassment.

Victoria and Andrew's day was a lot of fun for me and all the guests and families seemed to be having a good time too.

Congratulations to you both and I'll talk to you soon.


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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Kirsty & Derek

Kirsty and Derek had found a lovely venue that I was unaware of until they booked me last year.

The Old Kirk at Glencorse near Edinburgh sits in the lovely grounds of Glencorse House and provided an amazing atmosphere for the day.

The luxurious marquee was beautifully appointed and provided a really nice quality of light for me to photograph.

I like to try something new with the rings at every wedding I shoot and when I saw this old book and a shaft of light in the Old Kirk I had an idea...

Derek and Gordon were looking good and staying calm before the ceremony.

The bridesmaids and maid of honour, Vicki, Angela, Kerry and Janice were in good spirits when they arrived at The Kirk - in fact they were fair bubbling with excitement!

The ceremony was one of the most hilarious I've ever attended. The minister was a real raconteur and had everyone in stitches.

After the ceremony we were taken down to the lake for a few pictures. It gave Kirsty and Derek a chance to relax in each others company as Man and Wife and in such a beautiful spot it was easy to wind down a bit.

Davina, Alisha and wee Lily were looking absolutely great and played their part as flower girls perfectly They were bundles of energy keeping everyone entertained all day.

Kirsty and the girls wanted fun photos and helped me out by playing along with everything I suggested. The shot with the legs will appear soon...

Names: Dylan and Jack, Occupation: Page Boys, Likes: Sgian Dubhs and golf karts, Mission: to find out how to get these things started

Everyone's favourite on the day (after Kirsty of course). Lily is such a cutey.

A fine set of speeches before the meal. I think the boys enjoyed their dinner all the more for having the speeches out of the way!

An excellent band and a nicely rehearsed first dance made for a great start to the evening.

So, Kirsty and Derek, what a lovely day and one I hope you'll remember with happy memories forever. Thanks for inviting me to be there as your photographer and I'll be in touch soon with the rest of the pictures from your Special Day.

Best wishes


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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I photographed Sian and Chris's wedding last year and I was delighted when Sian asked me to photograph their new baby Olivia. At 6 weeks old, Olivia is cute as a button and it was lovely to spend time with Sian and Olivia as we tried all the tricks to tease a smile out of her. Eventually, Olivia started to fall asleep and then smiled to herself as she thought happy thoughts and nodded off...

As part of my YearOne package, I'll be back for more photo sessions when Olivia's 4 months, 8 months and 1 year old and I'm really looking forward to seeing her grow up.

Golden Wedding on the Beach

I was asked to photograph 3 generations of the same family that had gathered from near and far to celebrate a Golden Wedding in Northumberland.

It was pouring with rain all morning then the sun came out suddenly and we had a 30 minute window on the beach in warm sunshine. It was great fun; the clouds gave a great backdrop and meant that we had the beach to ourselves.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Eileen & Trevor

Eileen and Trevor gathered their best friends around them for their wedding at Bamburgh Castle. It had rained all morning but the sun came out in plenty of time for the ceremony.

Before the wedding gets underway is always a nervous time but Steven, The Best Man, did a good job of keeping Trevor relaxed.

Eileen arrived at Bamburgh Castle in style and was well looked after by Chris and Grazia, the Castle wedding coordinators.

The King's Hall is a magnificent room - Being married here, you'll never forget your Wedding Day!

Eileen's daughters Lauren and Philipa kept pretending to be shy of my camera but they seemed to get in a lot of pictures!

So after a champagne reception on the ramparts we went to the beach and the sun kept shining on Eileen and Trevor. No nerves now, it was nice to spend some time with the new couple when they were relaxed enough to be themselves.

Eileen and Trevor, Best wishes to you both if you get a chance to see this before you're back here! If you wish to leave a message for Eileen and Trevor please use the Comments link below.