Friday, 31 July 2009

New album range Part 1

I'm updating all of my wedding albums and it's a really exciting job as there are some beautiful products available.

Some of my albums will continue to be handmade in England and my new top-end range will be imported from Australia with my designs being uploaded electronically.

Australia is home to at least 4 of the very best album manufacturers and some of the best wedding photographers in the world and I hope that'll rub off a bit!

The same manufacturers make portrait albums too and I've completed the design for my studio album. You'll find the album here.

I'll post more information on my new wedding albums soon...


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Janneke's leaving do

Janneke was leaving her work after 6 years in Alnwick so there was a big party with lots of kids and grownups. As part of the leaving present, I had been asked to do a photo session with Janneke's kids and Janneke had chosen two black and white canvas wraps.

The session was at Janneke's home and around the parks of Morpeth and we dodged the rain to get some lovely relaxed portraits of the kids and of the family.

The leaving party was the first time Janneke had seen the canvas wraps so it was a lovely moment that I was on hand to capture.

Best wishes for your new life in Holland to you all.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

William The Dog

Peter and Sophie brough William the dog in for a session. We started in the studio but, as the weather cleared up we headed for the beach. It was great fun and William certainly enjoyed himself.

I only work in a natural way, no posing, just keeping up with the action. It's hard work sometimes and can be frustrating but it's very rewarding when the pictures come out like this.