Friday, 16 July 2010

Daisy at 10 weeks

A few photos of Daisy at 10 weeks old. Still another 3 weeks until her vaccinations are complete and we can go out for a proper walk. It seems like a long time. She's so much bigger than she was 3 weeks ago when we got her....but still got more growing to do.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Training Courses

I've been running my training courses for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying them. It's great to meet the photographers who come along and it's exciting to see the photographs that they send me. Here are 3 from recent courses...

Gareth Kewell took this shot the day after his course having returned to the same area but much earlier in the morning. Gareth says "I like that shot of the castle with the sheep - it's as if he's assumed some kind of sentry duty & is happily guarding the ruin."

I love that Gareth has used a sheep as the foreground interest in this shot it adds life to the picture and shows great imagination.

Panganai Svotwa joined me for a half day which, unfortunately, started wet and dull. I'm delighted with the way Panganai has made the most of the weather and caught the beauty in the clouds.

Like Gareth, Stuart Thompson returned for sunrise on the day after his course.

"I was there early, at dawn with one exception, which is a special time of the day for photography as I am sure you have found. It would not have surprised me if some of your other course attendees were there also!

I did use a polariser as I like the effect that it creates. As I think I may have said before one of the main things that I learnt from your course is the importance of good composition. I had never seen the castle from the beach location that you showed us, only from the well used location on the rocky shore close to the castle."

Stuart's compositions are very strong. The polariser filter makes the water reflection free and reveals the sand beneath which is the highlight of this image for me. I also admire the composition that uses the seaweed and the sand to draw the eye towards the distant castle. Great work.