Sunday, 21 September 2008

Kathrin & Bryan

Kathrin and Bryan's guests had travelled a long way to share their day. Most guests were from Canada and Germany; the ones that had travelled least had still come up from England. Everyone had enjoyed a few days in Edinburgh and I think the magnificent Borthwick Castle made quite an impression.

The local parish church is very historic too and the service was beautiful. With one reading in English and one in German it was lovely to see the two families meeting together.

Kathrin and Bryan honoured me with an invitation to join them for the wedding breakfast so I can offer first hand evidence of the quality of the service in the banqueting hall a
t Borthwick and it was delightful to meet their guests socially rather than through the camera lens!

Thanks to Kathrin and Bryan for your hospitality and generosity and all the best for your honeymoon and for the future. I hope these few pictures will keep memories of a great day fresh in your mind.


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Monday, 15 September 2008

Isabel & Ricky

The Scottish Mining Museum is an unusual venue with its industrial feel and it's great heritage. Isabel and Ricky's guests told me how much they enjoyed the setting and the staff all put on such a good day that it's a favourite venue of mine.

Isabel looked great in an elegant gown and the boys' choice of charcoal kilt outfits looked very smart and stylish. All in all, a photographer's dream! A Happy couple, Happy guests and a picturesque venue.

All the best to Isabel and Ricky.


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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Alison & Tom

Alison & Tom were married at Melville Castle which is one of the most spectactular and well presented venues in Midlothian. Plenty of options for indoor photography but the weather stayed fair and we were able to venture out. Nonetheless, Alison found an excuse to try on her "wedding wellies"!

The small group of family and friends, were relaxed and enjoyed a well organised day. It's obvious to me when a couple have gone the extra mile and organised a very personal, special day - and this was a great example.

I really enjoyed this wedding and my sincere thanks go to Alison and Tom for having me there to share their day.

I hope your party goes well on Friday and I wish you both the very best for the future.


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