Thursday, 14 November 2013


Wilmie won the Northumberland Gazette/SHAK photo competition. I shortlisted the entries but the Gazette's readers chose Wilmie as the winner. It's no secret that I love greyhounds and lurchers so I was really pleased to have Wilmie in my studio on Tuesday. Here are a few of my favourites...


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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Victoria and Gavin, Budle Hall, 5th October 2013

Victoria and Gavin's wedding was very much to their own design. For the whole day they did their own thing and it was great!  After some terrible weather recently the sun shone and the forecast was good for the whole day.

It was also a very musical affair too which is always a bonus for me!

We started at The Registry Office in Alnwick...

...and then headed up to Barter Books for some brunch in front of a grand roaring fire  (Their Station Buffet is  well worth a visit for its legendary bacon butties)...

...and Victoria met some new friends over a book

And so to the beach near Bamburgh for a few photos in the sun

The wedding blessing was at the lovely St Aidan's Church in Bamburgh.  Gavin was getting nervous all over again but Dean the Best Man was there to keep things cool.

The service was enlivened by The Heaton Voices choir who sung from the back of the church

Afterwards, with the sun still shining, we went outside for a view of Bamburgh Castle

Heaton Voices, with Victoria taking her place in the ranks, sang for us again outside Budle Hall

The cake was very cute.  We like our puffins in this part of Northumberland!

For reasons too long to go into here there was a world-wide theme to the evening's celebrations

Making the most of the sunny day...

The speeches were all very well written, witty and thoughtful...and very well received.

Finally the sun set leaving a beautiful Northumbrian evening sky...

...and the evening was filled with dancing and fireworks.

I'll be in touch soon with lots more photos.

Best Wishes


andy craig photography - weddings, kids, music. dogs, creative and Northumberland Photo Training

Monday, 23 September 2013

Andrea & Chris 21st September 2013 - Doxford Hall

Doxford Hall only opened a few years ago after its renovations but it feels like it's been here forever. It's a beautiful venue and the staff and service are excellent.

Another bonus is that it's a couple of miles from my house so no long drive home for me at the end of the night.

I started out in Glanton though where Andrea was first into her beautiful dress before the rest of the girls got changed too.

Andrea's Dad looked suitably proud...

...and so to Doxford.  Everyone was ready to go.  Just a few last minute instructions for the flower girls.

Their entrance got the reaction it deserved...

...and of course so did Andrea's

We all knew that Isobel would be involved in the ceremony whatever the plans were.

That first drink is always a welcome sight...

I took the new couple out around the grounds of Doxford while the families and guests enjoyed the warm weather.

Chris was the victim of his Best Man's speech which came with props!

After the meal we headed down to the beach as the sun was fading.

The bride and groom in the photo booth...

The traditional first dance was followed by something more unusual...

who knows what was going on here - answers on a postcard...!

There will be more photographs ready for you when you're back from Honeymoon

Meanwhile Have a lovely trip

Best Wishes


andy craig photography - weddings, kids, music. dogs, creative and Northumberland Photo Training

Monday, 5 August 2013

Dylan Day 3 at the Cluny, Newcastle

Saturday was the 3rd "Dylan Day" at The Cluny in newcastle and I'd been asked to cover the event. In the end it raised £2500 for two childrens' cancer charities which can't be bad. A whole bunch for superb musicians gave their time for free...

Our host and the man who organised the whole thing Jonti Willis

I just caught the end of the afternoon session being finished off by a hugely fun set from Big Red and The Grinners...

Jack Burness, Paul Templeman and Finn McArdle started the evening

The hard-working soundman at The Cluny

Reg Meuross had come all the way from the SW and he played two sets and ran a songwriting Q&A - Busy man!

The Jon Strong Band had travelled up from Yorkshire.  Great songs and superb musicianship

George Borowski and The Fabulous Wonderfuls came up from Cheshire.  George has been in the music business a long time and has shared the stage with some serious Rock Stars.  The whole band smiled their way through their Rock and Roll set.

Local band King Size Voodoo Traveller delivered a bluesy set of the finest quality.

Baz Warne plays guitar for The Stranglers and his Sunderland based band Robot Elvis played covers that blew away many of the original versions.

Snakeoil finished the night with a folky-rocky set that was a great way to end things.

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andy craig photography - weddings, kids, music. dogs, creative and Northumberland Photo Training