Friday, 24 October 2008

Another artistic venture....

I've created a new photographic blog. at

The aim is to create a photo diary of my daily trips to the beaches around my new home here in Northumberland. Nothing fancy, these are snaps taken of whatever takes my fancy that day on my wee compact camera.

Currently I'm enjoying uploading something different everyday.

I hope you have a look and I hope you enjoy it too.


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Louise & Joel

Louise and Joel were forced to change to The Howard after being let down by their first choice. The Howard is far from being a second choice though. This is a first class venue and the team put on a great day for Louise and Joel and their guests.

A Scottish-Canadian affair with some guests travelling a long way to share the day, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly throughout. The Rose Street Quartet added to the ambience with music that was well suited to the historic venue.

My Thanks to Joel and Louise for their generosity and hospitality and to Irene for her help and enthusiasm with the family photos. I received a gift of some maple syrup from Canada which I had, fittingly, on my porridge this morning - excellent!

Have a great honeymoon and Best Wishes for the future


Please use the comments option to send a message to Louise and Joel if you wish. More pictures from the wedding will appear on soon.