Monday, 21 January 2008

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

What a great band, and a great bunch of guys too.

I was at their gig in Glasgow last night at The Ferry where they shared the night with Skerryvore. Both bands wowed the audience with virtuoso performances and a red hot setlist.

I took some shots of the Chilli Pipers backstage and a few documentary o
nes around the gig. Most of the evening was spent on the vidoe camera filming the live performance - now starts the editing which is just as creative as the shooting and takes 10 x longer!


Monday, 14 January 2008

Favourites from 2007... which I mean favourite photos and not favourite brides!!

Here's a dozen or so shots that I think sum up where I want to be with my wedding photography. I tend to judge this artistically and technically whereas my couples judge the photos by a different set of values altogether. Often it happens that my personal favourites don't make it into their albums - That's why it's great to have a blog where I can post the favourites anyway.

That said, these photos remind me of some great weddings in 2007. It's a really nice part of this job that I get to know my couples so well and then get to share in all the emotions; the smiles and the tears of their special day.

Thanks to all my Brides and Grooms from 2007 and I wish you all the best of luck for the future.


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy New Year

This will be a very exciting 2008 for me.

My 3 established business ventures (weddings and kids on and dogs on all look like having a great year and I'm very excited about as my new music photography venture and as my new non-commercial website for my arty shots.

My old landscape website ( will be allowed to sit on the back burner this year as it was taking up too much of my time.

All my creativity will be focussed on a blend of documentary and portrait work. All 4 websites use these same skills and increased focus on these areas can only help me as I constantly strive to capture the perfect moments.

My New Year's Resolution? To carry my we
e camera with me as often as possible and to see what appears in front of me.

Here are a couple of shots from my Christmas in Edinburgh and Northumberland and my New Year in Lochcarron.