Wednesday 2 November 2016

Family Portraits

A few shots from a recent family portrait session where we spent a bit of time in the studio and a bit of time out-and-about...

The last time I met this family was to photograph them back in 2012 so it was lovely to meet the daughter a bit older and to meet the new family addition (who was full of fun!).

Sunday 4 September 2016

Orkney 2016

Orkney Aug 27th - Sep 3rd 2016

We've been coming to Orkney for years and it was lovely to be back.  This was our first time in August and the light was beautiful for our week.

And part of me bides
With the hare and the heather
Where the wind fills my heart
And allows me to breathe

With my feet on the ground
I'm watching the weather
The sun and the clouds
And the patterns they weave

The road from the ferry.  I love this stretch of road past Waulkmill Bay towards Orphir especially just as we arrive.

On the shore below the houses are these two photogenic fishermen's huts each one full of stories.

Looking to Hoy from Scapa Flow shoreline at sunset

barley ripening

The huts again

The moors and shoreline were covered in flowering heather

on the rocky shore near Stromness

Down the streets and the many alleyways of Stromness

Orkney wears its weather on its sleeve and you always know what's coming...

An old croft house much like the one we stay in (except ours is renovated).  Very moving places full of ghosts and the history of Orkney.

Barley tracks

The Ring of Brodgar at sunset

The Yesnaby coast.  My Dad used to fly up and down here towing a target for the trainee gunners to shoot at from the top of the road.  Must have been a bit scary at times!

You would think this tractor had been placed here for photogenic reasons

One last sunset over Hoy on our last night.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Rachael & Tom

Rachael & Tom's wedding at Doxford Hall 24th July 2016...

A lovely day - smiles all round a stunning bride in a beautiful dress.

Andy Craig Photography

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Wednesday 13 April 2016

A South African Adventure

Just before Easter we went to Kruger National Park in South Africa.

What an amazing place for animals, birds and nature.

Here are some of my favourite photographs...

White Rhino:




Wild Dog (or Painted Wolf)


Dung Beetles:


Impala with Oxpeckers:

Saddle-Billed Stork:

Ground Hornbill (very rare):

African Hornbill:

Cheeky Monkeys:


Yellow-Billed Stork:

Terrapins on a rock...

...that turned out to be a hippo!

Hippo with Oxpeckers:


Down that dusty road I drive:

Big Sky:

Arid plains:

Baobob tree:


Misty trees: