Monday, 13 June 2011

Amie & Adrian

I was brought in to photograph Amie & Adrian's wedding at the last minute due to their planned photographer falling ill.

I was pleased to be able to help them out: Having to cancel a wedding is every photographer's worst nightmare and all good pro's have an emergency plan to fall back on. Today, I was the emergency plan!

It was a very rainy day when I arrived at Amie's Mum and Dad's farm but I found everyone ready to go and Dad was in charge of the champagne...

St Aidan's Church in Bamburgh is like a mini-cathedral; an ancient, historic building with a special atmosphere all of its own. Adrian was keeping it together and Best Man Scott was doing a tremendous job organising the guests.

The flower girls looked adorable as they sheltered in the church doorway waiting with Mum and the bridesmaids for Amie to arrive.

I stay at the back of the church at St Aidan's but I'm still able to get shots of the ceremony without interrupting the service.

Amie and Adrian are both from farming families and after the family photos they left the church through a guard of honour formed from antique pitch forks.

There's a tradition of stepping up and over an old stool at St Aidan's. Amie's Mum and Dad had done the same thing a few years ago and Amie managed it with great dignity!

We stopped by Budle farm on the way to the reception for some rather soggy formals overlooking the Northumberland coast.

And then it was off to Embleton Hall, Longframlington for the reception. This is a beautifully maintained country house which has a really nice personal feel to it. Amie & Adrian's colour scheme suited the room beautifully.

Too wet to go out into the gardens sadly but plenty of lovely locations inside Embleton Hall.

It was a slightly strange experience to photograph a wedding at such short notice as I normally know my couples quite well by the time the Wedding comes around but I was made to feel very welcome and I really enjoyed the day. I look forward to showing the rest of the photos to you when you're back from honeymoon.

Best wishes


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