Friday, 18 November 2011

Kyle & Rebecca - 12th November 2011

It was unfortunate that Rebecca & Kyle's photographer had to go into hospital just before their wedding and I had 24 hours notice to stand in. It's funny stepping in at the last moment as I normally get to know my couples before their wedding.

Kyle and Rebecca and their families were all lovely and friendly and I soon settled into the atmosphere of the day. To have the sun shining for a November wedding is a rare treat and the historic church in Felton looked great.

Kyle & one of his Best Men are serving in the RAF and their uniforms looked splendid.

Everywhere I looked there were smiling faces...

A very special moment when our Groom sees his Bride for the first time...

The ceremony was really nice. I always enjoy a blend of humour and gravitas.

The church was packed with families and friends and they all lined the path for Kyle & Rebecca who were well covered in confetti!

We had a bit of quiet time for a few photos away from the guests in the beautiful surroundings of the church.

Then it was off to Linden Hall for the reception. The staff there had laid on a great party as ever.

Kyle & Rebecca - Despite the last minute plans, I really enjoyed being there for you. I'll have the rest of the collection ready for you soon. Best wishes Andy x

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Finella said...

Wow these pictures are amazing do you know i there is any chance the the photographer could come take some of are hall before the special day it looks really good spent 2 days doing up the hall in a local Golf Hotel