Monday, 23 March 2009

Irene and Graham

Irene & Graham were married at The Malmaison hotel in Leith, Edinburgh. It's a historic building with a bright, contemporary interior and all in an industrial setting.

Irene was keen to have some photos around the landscapes of the port area and this was both an opportunity and a challenge for me, not least because Irene's a keen photographer herself.

Irene and Elaine were all ready and looking amazing when I went to see them with half an hour to go. Irene's 1920's themed look was beautifully put together and made for a unique outfit.

Graham and Gordon were pretty cool before the event too. I think everyone was simply looking forward to the prospect of having their friends and families around them for the day.

Chilean merlot was the wine of choice so I thought it would make an appropriate backdrop for the rings.

The "wine room" at The Malmaison was a perfect size for an intimate wedding ceremony attended by the close families and best friends.

...and so out to the docks for a few "formal" photographs with the newly weds. I try and keep the session short and informal and Irene and Graham seemed to enjoy the chance of a few minutes alone before the party started.

Irene had asked me to print out two of the photos and mount them so that the evening guests could see them and sign the mounts. This was a great idea to leave Irene and Graham with a memento of the day. So I brought my laptop and a printer and I had a couple of mounts made by my framer. Here are the prints ready for the reception. By the end of the night they were covered in signatures so a success all round. It's the first time I've done this but I'm going to offer it to future couples too.

Ciaran (Graham's nephew) never stopped all day and was still going strong when I left at 9pm.

The waterfront looked lovely once the sun went down so I dragged Irene and Graham back out for a quick photo.

Graham and Gordon saved their speeches for the reception and they were very entertaining and well presented.

The first dance - Throughout the day, Irene and Graham did away with tradition in favour of having the sort of wedding they wanted. That continued into the choice of first dance music being a song from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

So now Irene and Graham are off round the world for a few months. I wish you both the very best wishes for this fantastic trip and for your married life together in the future.


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Anonymous said...

Have you got one leg shorter than the other? You really like your jaunty angles.

The couple look great though, congrats to them both.